2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Navigation Features

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2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Navigation Features – Modern technology is part of our lives right now, so the smart motorcyclist embraces it. As such do the new 2018 Gold Wing GL1800. They offer a suite of technologic-electronic features that can make planning or ride easier, freeing you up to enjoy the parts of driving where you actually want to pay attention. A good bright seven-inch LCD-TFT display is front and center, providing you with all the information that you want

for the motorbike industry! Apple CarPlayTM seamlessly consolidates your iPhone into your new 2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800. Which means you can apply your iPhone to have access Apple Maps, Apple Music and other services. You’ll be able to access weather, playlists and telephone numbers while aboard. Readily available Bluetooth®- enabled wireless headsets to allow you to communicate simply

Latest motorcycle electronics give the new Gold Wings provide some features impossible to imagine just a few years in past, along with the stuff of science-fiction movies every time the first Gold Wing showed up. Many are convenience features, many rider aids. Together, they help to make your new Gold Wing more enjoyable and more fun to ride

2018 Gold Wing GL1800
2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800

2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 – NAVIGATION

HOMELINK – Available as a different feature, HomeLink® allows you to integrate your new 2018 Gold Wing GL1800 with many other devices in your house. A standard example: you can also open your home’s garage door with no special controller—just touch a turn on your bike’s center unit. Absolutely no fumbling, with no hassle

METERS – The latest Gold Wing’s cockpit meters are data center. Along with the basics like vehicle and engine performance, engine temperature, fuel level and dual trip meters, you should also monitor outside air high temperature, heater levels, cruise-control speed, and more

NAVIGATION – Electronic digital navigation just keeps getting much better and more convenient, or your Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour are right on the innovative. Both are combined with a fantastic, dedicated, GPS-based navigation system. It’s a feature-rich, stand-alone program that’s totally independent of the Apple CarPlay navigating. Not any cellular phone or cell reception? No problem your Navi system doesn’t need them

AUDIO – Your new Gold Wing’s high-quality sound system is an excellent example of state-of-the-art electronic digital modern technology. Along with listening to favorite music, with a readily available Bluetooth headset you can make or answer telephone calls without removing your motorcycle helmet. A dedicated park lets you connect a USB flash disk drive. Features include a separate passenger audio manage switch, high-output amplifier, and speakers, a CB radio, or others

2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800
2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800

2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800

THROTTLE BY WIRE – The 2018 Gold Wing’s throttle-by-wire program allows features like our exclusive Honda Selectable Torque Manage (HSTC), which you’ll find on many our Gold Wing Tour units.

ELECTRONIC PRELOAD SUSPENSION – The latest Gold Wing Tour’s suspension features 4 modes for varying loads. Anybody can select (1) Rider, (2) Rider and passenger, (3) Rider with loaded bags, and (4) Rider and passenger with loaded bags

RIDE MODES – 2018 Gold Wing power generation devices provide a wide range of easy to use electrical energy, never the less you can even choose between 4 ride modes (Rain, Sport, Tour, and Economy) and All mode varies the bike’s power supply. On the Gold Wing Tour units, this also changes suspensions damping, and on the DCT models, changing modes also alters your bike’s shift points

HILL START ASSIST – This property momentarily can hold your motorcycle’s pose on inclines any time the brakes are released and also before you put on the throttle, eliminating any roll-back drama. It’s a great convenience in the event that starting from a stop on a mountain

SMART KEY – Your new Gold Wing provides an electronic digital smart key. Any time the key is in close proximity (for example, in your jacket pocket), you can actually just hop on, touch a button, and then ride off. An “answer back” feature lets you detect your bike during the night and also in crowded rally parking.

SUSPENSION MODES – When you are ready to select a driving mode (Touring, Sport, Rain, Economy), along with tailoring the engine’s power individuality, the setting also manipulation your suspension’s damping characteristics, mechanically controlling the oil flow in the front also rear shocks. It will help to optimize the bike’s maneuverability also ride under changing road conditions.