2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Review, Prices And Specs

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2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Review, Prices And Specs – For more than four decades, Gold Wing has held the perfect touring bike concept. It starts with a machine that offers horizontal strength, smoothness and ultimate performance and it also sports a sport shaft and chassis designed for all-day comfort- full-coverage bodywork and luggage to cope with the style and comfort of driving

It’s time to realize his dream. Pack a Gold Wing saddle bag. Program your trip to the navi system in the Gold Wing. Wait for the back of the windshield and complete bodywork. And make some memories that will last a lifetime. Now you are dreaming. Not dreaming of it.

2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Review, Prices And Specs
2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Review, Prices And Specs

Honda Gold Wing always offers comfort, performance, handling and tour comfort. That’s why it’s always up touring-bike class. For 2017, you can choose from three package options.

2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing – Engine Performance

2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Own Cooling Machine with 1832cc Fuel, Fuel Burn Injection Machine, fuel injected by Gold Wing, very smooth and very strong. The horizontal “horizontal” six-cylinder design offers a lower center of gravity for better travel and lighter handling handling.

2017 The Honda Touring Gold Wing also features a Pro-Arm® Rear Swingarm, a super-tight, lightweight, MotoGP-inspired aluminum castback aluminum with a low unsprung weight, giving it a sharper and sportier handle. The unique Pro-Arm® designer with Honda’s patented Pro-Link® rear suspension, which features an electronically adjustable hydraulic preload for various ride conditions.

Honda Touring Gold Wing Shaft Final Drive, clean, efficient, proven, low maintenance. The final drive shaft is the perfect choice for a machine like this, and for the rider who piles up in miles. You do not have to worry about lubrication or repair on the road. And an added plus: it helps keep your motor clean as well.

2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Review, Prices And Specs
2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Review, Prices And Specs

Combined Anti-Lock Brakes (Combined ABS) at Honda Touring Gold Wing, ABS is the right choice for modern motor. Rain, dirt on the road, wet leaves and more, Honda’s ABS system helps you do smoother and more controlled stops under less than ideal conditions. It’s always paying attention, and never tired

2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing – Features

2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing Also features Audio System with Surround Sound Tuned exclusively for Gold Wing, surround sound speaker system (SRS CS Auto *) delivers enhanced audio with low tone. When using the headset (SRS Headphone **), the three-dimensional sound field sounds with realistic audio. (SRS CS Auto * and SRS Headphone ** are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.) Several government portions may be used by motor vehicle operators. Always uphold the applicable laws and regulations.

Mobile Device Connectivity at Honda Touring Gold Wing, It’s easy to play most mobile devices and control them through the Gold Wing audio control. The connector is located in a lockable trunk, where the device can be carried conveniently and stored in secret.

The 2017 Honda Touring Gold Wing also features the Satellite-Linked Navigation System, our exclusive Honda Design and technology gives you the best n GPS-based n integrated system available on two wheels, featuring a brighter color LCD display and verbal instructions per step through the Sound System Gold wings. Additional features include lane guide features, junction view and 3D terrain view. Plus, with TripPlanner, you can set up a route on your computer and upload it to your Gold Wing navi system.

Glovebox Locked, All Wings 2017 Gold Box A lockable hand box in the center for added convenience, increasing cockpit area capacity up to 2.8 liters.